Attack on Charlie Hebdo’s satirical weekly has left a scar.


Yesterday there was a islamic attack on Charlie Hebdo’s satirical magazine (located in Paris). Hebdo was known to incur the spite of the collective muslim community due to his satire based around Muhammad. The terrorists succeeded it seems in their goal. They killed 12 people, among them was Hebdo. This incited the masses to march onto the streets in support of freedom of press and freedom of speech. Hebdo was a cartoonist, I may be speaking from an emotional point of view but I believe that he was doing his best, he was a rather brave person, he didn’t run with his tail tucked between his legs when he was threatened by muslims. He said “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. How is it right to impose your beliefs on others and when they don’t conform to your rhetoric you threaten them with death. This is horrible and disgusting and the muslim world in large should be held responsible. You don’t have the right to force your rhetoric down our throats, if you have a dis-agreement please fight us with words not bombs or guns. It makes you look like children with no cognitive functions.   Alongside this massacre a gunman killed a policewoman and injured a city employee [South of Paris]. Also it is reported that a kebab shop in eastern France exploded, it is not certain yet if these events have any correlation. It has also been reported that two muslim places of worship have been shot at the height of the Hebdo massacre.